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Asacko Be Water on Fire - LazyCatsRecords Release

Be Water on Fire
GENRE: Jazz/Latin/Orchestral
Jesús Yanes is ASACKO - Keyboards & orchestration
Joe Drzewiecki - Sax
César González - Guitar

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ASACKO is the LazyCats Records featured album for June & July in download stores everywhere.

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Listen to a compilation of all the tracks HERE. Be Water on Fire is a masterful Jazz, Latin, Salsa, Montuno and orchestral project. The ensemble presents brilliant orchestral arrangements and assorted Latin and world beats that take you on a journey from a jazz celebration to motion picture sound track quality in songs like "The Sea" and "Salpicado de Azul."

Then Asacko changes up to a rap-like tune called "What's Up." The song seamlessly crosses over into an orchestra with chorus segment.

Asacko is special music performed by consummate musicians. This is a must have CD.

Available at all download stores soon.

The Asacko Bio & band information
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Jesus Yane - Asacko - Be Water on Fire from LazyCats Records

Jesús Yanes (Asacko), keyboardist, composer and arranger. His composition style was honed in the band "29 Grados."

Jesús' primary focus has always been composition, starting with the Latin music project "Abacua" and continuing until today with his personal project "Asacko."

The "Asacko" project unleashes a world of music and creativity featuring collaborations from artists around the globe in his intensely rich and authentic soundtracks. You can hear his work at: Asacko. In addition to "Asacko," Jesús continues to compose and arrange for, and perform with, "29 Grados" whose signature sound has risen to a more elaborate and professional level owing to his contributions.

Listen to a compilation of all the tracks on the Asacko CD

Tenerife Spain

Asacko lives on the coast of Tenerife Spain. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and a popular travel destination.

Joe Drzewiecki (sax player in 'Be water on fire', No, si, claro', 'On fire' and author and play flute and sax in 'Amore'), is a saxophonist and composer/arranger based in the American Southwest.

His career started in 1974 with the popular Chicago cover-band "Skyway" and has continued until today, becoming increasingly focused on studio recording and international collaborations.

César González


César González (guitar player in 'No, si, claro' and 'On fire') debuted with the group 'Cuarto Tiempo'. During the sixteen year since then, Césara has performed with many groups including 'Sobre La Marcha', "29 Grados", and the popular group 'Mortimers' with whom he recorded two albums and gave many concerts throughout the Canary Islands and Spain.

Cyra Morgan

Cyra Morgan
(Voice and lyrics in "New day") is predominately a singer songwriter, with a wonderful voice.

Her style is an intimate indie acoustic folk. She is the author of the melody and the lyrics in the song 'New day'. You can follow her awesome work on

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