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The Miracle Piano Teaching System

The Miracle Piano Teaching System - MIDI Music developed by Rob Wallace

The Software Toolworks Dave Grenowitski and John Mandel Producers.

The Miracle Piano taught the student how to play piano and provided instructions. Then, the student goes into the studio software section and plays the the a song with the band. The piano and software sold for about $275.00 and was touted to be the ultimate fun teaching aid ever produced.

Softie, Inc., Bruce Sandig Producer

Concentration is a Merv Griffin television game. Merv Griffin's production company granted rights to game play but not the original music.

Concentration from GameTex produced by Softie - Bruce Sandig Project Director

Concentration was the first game I did and produced on an Amiga computer with a MIDI interface before PC's had the hardware to talk from computer to a MIDI keyboard. The MIDI software was Voyetra, then later Voyetra Stidio Pro.

World Series of Poker Adventure
Masque Publishing, Jim Wisler President

Deluxe-casino pack contains World Series of Poker

Entire Sound Design, Original Music & Sound effects for practically all gambling games published by Jim Wiser.

mig 29

MiG 29
Spectrum Holobyte. Paul Mogg producer. Award winning Russian version of the benchmark title "Falcon." Composed sound track and created jet foley FX.

The Software Toolworks World Atlas
The Software Toolworks
John Mandel producer

Created all the MIDI versions of all 206 National Anthems of the World in four months.

The Software Toolworks World Atlas


Wheel of Fortune
Softie, Inc. GameTek, Bruce Sandig producer.

New original music. Unable to t use the original music from Merv Griffin Productions, I composed a new them and incidental music.

Wheel of Fortune from GameTex developed by Softie, Bruce Sandig Producer

John Ratcliff Games, Inc., John Ratcliff Producer Designer

This interactive educational PC video experience was the world's first Interactive Software product. It is an art Museum set in the Southwest with 90 minutes of original music & extensive speech & sound effects. Grandeur is the first interactive project despite the common belief that Doom was.

Bruce Sandig Producer for Softie, Inc., released by GameTek

The Merv Griffin game, with my new original music.

Jeopardy by GameTek Theme music by Rob Wallace

Monster Bash
Frank Maddin Producer, Game engine by Fast Games published by Apogee.

Wrote the music score for the entire game and created custom sound effects. Monster Bash is now a cult game in Germany and enjoyed in the US & Worldwide. Monster Bash is an evergreen title meaning it is still making money and being played.

Listen to all the music HERE.

Here's cool video showing Monster Bash gameplay but you have to scroll up to 5:09 to see it.

Detailed information about the production of Monster Bash from Wiki, HERE.

White Wolf Productions, New World Computing. Bob Rakowski Producer

Original Music score and sound effects.

More information

Might & Magic
New World Computing., Inc., Jon Van Caneghem & Mark Caldwell producers/New World Computing

Original Music for Sega & PC version of this award winning benchmark RPG.

New World Computing - Music by Rob Wallace

Empire Deluxe Masters Edition
White Wolf Productions New World Computing. Bob Rakowski, Producer

Original Music score and sound effects.

Empire Deluxe - Mark Baldwin

MAXX R. Universe
Frank Maddin, Animated Digital Works CGDC Demo

Sound effects design

Black Jack
Masque Publishing, Jim Wisler President
Probably the most popular game Jim Wisler ever published. His amazing array of gambling games

Black Jack from Jim Wisler and Masque Publishing

I wrote the music for and created the sound effects for almost all of Masque Publishing's products. On a personal note, Jim Wisler was the greatest man I ever met and worked for in the business.

The #2 guy would be Bobby Prince. (Music for Duke Nukem, Captain Keen and more Apogee games products.)

Mario's Time Machine
Mindscape, Inc.

Original Music Score and hundreds of voice clips with 15 actors among them Broadway actress Kathy Fitzgerald.

Marios Time Machine for the PC from Min

Here is the Theme Music

More information about Mario's Time Machine on Wiki HERE.

John Ratcliff Games, Inc., John Ratcliff Producer/Electronic Arts, Paul Grace, Producer

90 Minutes of Original Music score and 300 killer weapon, foley, and ambient sound effects.


Wayne's World
Symtus Corporation, Bob Fiorini, Producer/Capstone Entertainment

New Original Music Sound track and sound effects for this adventure product licensed from the Theatrical & TV property.

Waynes World Music by Rob Wallace | Capstone

The Dark Half
Symtus Corporation, Bob Fiorini, Producer/Capstone Entertainment

Based on Stephen King's movie. Original music & sound effects.

Bob Fiorini, Kelcey, and Brent Smith worked out of Bob's garage and made a special creative team together.

The-Dark-Half-Capstone-Rob Wallace Music

Listen to highlights from the score

Mario is Missing Deluxe
The Software Tootlworks
Original sound track 75 separate songs. Produced voice over and sound FX .

Listen to a song.

Eagle Eye Mysteries
Series,1 Title in series Stormfront Software, Don Daglow, producer/ Capstone Productions.

Electronic Arts Kids Original Music & Sound Effects.

Prince of Persia
Cyberlore Studios, Lester Humphries, producer SSI.

Original Music & Sound effects

Listen to the main title and watch gameplay

Alphabet Soup
Leapfrog Software, Inc., Pueblo, Colorado

Intricate children's speech program & original music.

World Series Baseball
Miller Associates, Kenneth Miller, President/MAXIS, Inc.

Sound Effects & music support for several versions over several years of their benchmark product.

World Series of Baseball music and sound effects by Rob Wallace

Peanuts Fun House

Original Music for this award winning children's edutainment title based on the Charles Schultz Peanuts Gang.

50 State Songs
The Software Toolworks John Mandel producer.

A collection of all the state songs for the Software Toolworks multimedia encyclopedia.

Developed by John Ratcliff, published by Masque Publishing, Jim Wisler.

The first truly interactive product for a PC. Just beat out Doom by 3 days. Original music score and sound design.

Kaleido Sonics - Music by Rob Wallace


Virtual Pool
Celeris, Inc./Interplay Alan White, Producer Nintendo 64 & PC platform

Original Music Score for this award winning, benchmark product. Ported data from PC to N64 platform

Virtual Pool from Celeris Music band Sound effects Rob Wallace

King's Bounty
New World Computing., Inc., Jon Van Caneghem & Mark Caldwell producers, New World Computing

Original Music for Sega & PC version of this award winning benchmark RPG

Ultima Under World
Looking Glass Software, Paul Neurwurth Producer

Sound Effects & Music

Ultima Underworld Paul Neurwuth Producer


U.S.S. Ticonderoga
Intelligent Games, Ltd. Kevin Shrapnell coproducer Mindscape, Inc., Manny Granillo, Producer

In only four weeks I create produced, digitized & edited 2 hours of dialogue with a cast of seven for this acclaimed Navy Battleship War Sim.

Gameplay of Ticonderoga:

Doonesbury Screen Saver
Mindscape, Inc./Mindscape, Inc.

Sound Effects.

Hope Park
MVP Publishing, Dave Snyder/MVP Publishing

Original Music & Sound effects.

Deep Sea Trophy Fishing
Sunstorm Interactive/WizardWorks

Sound effects.

Empire II, The Art of War
White Wolf Productions, New World Computing. Bob Rakowski Producer

Created the entire music score using the interactive John Miles API for MIDI.

Wall Street Tycoon
Lumis Studios/I*Magic Publishers Briscoe Rodgers, Producer & lead programmer.

Over 3000 voice files produced with the vocal talents of Bill Orr, Christine Wallace, Gary Carr, & Rob Wallace for this Fun, historical, and entertaining simulation of the stock market.


Mavis Beacon Typing Teacher for Kids
Mindscape, Inc.

Sound Effects & Design.

Sound design and music theme- Rob Wallace

Six Not So Easy Pieces
Addison Wesley Longman/Addison Wesley Longman Publishing, Lynne Reed producer,

Remastering of Dr. Richard P. Feynmann's Physics lectures in the 1960's. . These were lectures that Dr. Feinman gave in class at CalTech in Pasadena, CA.

War Hammer
Leaping Lizard Software, Elaine Albers, Producer Mindscape, Inc., Manny Granillo Producer

Sound effects & Sound design.

Warhammer - Mindscape

Bloody April
MVP Publishing, Dave Snyder/MVP Publishing.

Music and sound effects.

Super Marioland
Mindscape, Inc. Marc Rogiers, producer Mindscape, Inc.

Created & cast the 2000 speeches for this math & reading edutainment title. Sound effects & ambient plus foley effects.

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