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The Jobim Project musi c by A.C. Jobim performed by Rod Wallace

Music composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Performed by RoDzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wallace
Piano, Rhodes, Latin Percussion and additional string and woodwind parts were arranged and performed by Rob Wallace.

Recorded at the LazyCats Records Studio.

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A.C. Jobim was born 1-25-1926 and died in 1994. He was the essential founder of the Bossa Nova movement in the 1960's and is best remembered for his song, Girl from Ipnema" which was so popular and played so much that it became a cliche'.

I purposely did not put "Girl from Ipaneam" on my project because it has become a cliche. It was played so much that it is #21 on Billboards most played list.

Check out this in depth story of the tune.

This is the Girl from Ipanema:



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