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Pete McCabe Homeward released by LazyCats Records

Pete McCabe - Vocals
Music and Lyrics by Pete McCabe
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Homeward is the best selling CD for LazyCats Records in 2012 so far.

Pete McCabe's Homeward is a collection of 14 original songs sung by Pete. Since "The Man Who Ate the Plant" was released, Pete is widely know for his quirky, imaginative, and polished musical skills.

In a sometimes cookie cutter music industry, Pete stands above the rest as a bona fide original with passionate and compassionate messages. Pete is one of a kind.

Listen to a clip of "Ice Age" an epic Pete McCabe original production that asks the question, "What happened to the Dinosaurs?"

"Ice Age"

"The Mystery" is a film noir original produced at LazyCats Records. Listen to a clip of this narrative song sung and arranged by Pete McCabe.

"The Mystery"

Pete McCabe grew up in Denver, Colorado and caught the then-rampant folk music bug in junior high. After a brief affair with a cheap ukulele, he was given a tenor banjo–a most unfolk-like instrument. He learned a few things by hanging out at Harry Tuft's Folklore Center and eventually gave performances at the concert hall there. But he was not really a folkie.

In high school, he loved the choir and music theory classes and was a member of a Dixieland band. He began to tinker with the guitar and piano. He found that he liked to write songs and was considered "strange."

In college, he studied art and continued his musical fixation. Robb Kunkel, a musician and record promotion man "discovered" him at the Folklore Center. When big-time music industry people, weary of Los Angeles earthquakes, fled to "Rocky Mountain High" Denver to start Tumbleweed Records, it was Robb who found them a stately brick house to serve as their office. He also brought several acts to the label.

Pete was soon signed and his Bill Szymczyk-produced LP "The Man Who Ate the Plant" was released in 1973. Fame did not follow, but the record attained a certain cult status.
Pete McCabe Homeward CD
A move to Hollywood led to work as a graphic artist and not to the pop stardom that might have been possible in a parallel universe. But Pete kept on writing. Years later, DJ and musician Todd Dillingham, who had always appreciated Pete's album, came across Pete on the Internet and let him know that he had been playing "Plant" for an international audience on Web radio. That's when Pete got inspired to create his new "Homeward" CD.

Today Pete lives happily with wife Diane in Venice, California.

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