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Pete McCabe - Homeward from LazyCats Records Dream3R from LazyCats Records My Hidden Cove by Pete McCabe and Rob Wallace There's no Stress in the House by Zolee Asacko Be Water On Fire Jesus Yanes DJ SIKI Dreamcatcher from LazyCats Records Spin Off - Music by Rob Wallace Meditation by Rob Wallace 1 hour Massage therapy Flight 777 by DJ Siki released by LazyCats Records Speed Dial Classic Jazz Trio music composed by Rob Wallace Dance Party by Zolee released by LazyCats Records So Danco Samba written by A.C. Jobim, performed by Rob Wallace

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Billboard Magazine

Find out which singles and albums are selling. News and reviews columns speaking directly to specific genres of music. Learn about current trends and which artist are making them happen and why.


Consider joining NARAS as a voting or non-voting member. Their webinars with industry experts can step-by-step show you how to market yourself online and as a band touring successfully. Stay on top of the music industry trends.

Academy of Country Music

Follow country music and learn what's what in country. The Academy hosted its first Country Music Awards Show in 1966 honoring the industry's accomplishments during the previous year. It was the first country music awards program held by a major organization, propelling country music into the public spotlight for the first time.

gospel-music-resource LazyCats Records

Founded in 1964, the Gospel Music Association serves as the face and voice for the Christian/Gospel music community and is dedicated to exposing, promoting and celebrating the gospel through music of all styles including pop, rock, praise & worship, black gospel, R&B, hip hop, Southern gospel and country.

Performer Magazine Online

Performer Magazine

In print for over 20 years, Performer is a nationally distributed musician's trade publication with a focus on independent musicians. Performer is dedicated to promoting lesser-known talent and being the first to introduce you to artists you should know.

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