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LazyCats Artist Service Agreement


Q: Do I keep my copyrights?
A: Yes. Rights are a license for the Label to have the right to distribute and publish your music. The label has no ownership of your music.

Q: Why exclusive rights?
A: So your songs aren't distributed twice to iTunes or any other store. Duplicate distribution is not cool for you or the stores.

Q: Why does the label have control over the cover art?
A: For the best visibility in the stores and for the best possible eye-catching quality. The label will design your brand into your cover art and is open to ideas, but the final decision rests with the label to "hook" the viewer into listening and brand your name.

Q: Why do you say I keep 100% of all my royalties but then your distributor gets 10% which comes out of my earnings.
A: You receive 100% of the NET.

Q: So exactly what is the net?
A: The stores take their cut even before our distributor. Example: iTunes takes about 20%, the distributor's cut is 10%, that means your $.99 download will earn you about $.691. This is the net.

LazyCats doesn't take any percentage from your earnings. $.691 is the same amount you would receive if you submitted your CD or single directly to our distributor.

Q: How can I pay the monthly fee?
A: Best method, credit or debit card subscription. Checks, Money Orders, PayPal are accepted.

Q: How long do I pay?
A: For one year renewable and renewable yearly.

Q: What if I cancel or miss a payment?
A: Cancel anytime, but your royalties from that point on will revert to the Label. If you miss a payment by 5 days grace period, your royalties will be forfeited to the Label.

The LazyCats Artist Service Agreement | Review and Sign

Artist grants to Label the following rights:

Wallace Music & Sound, Inc. D.B.A. LazyCats Records, (hereinafter referred to as "Label") and you, the person submitting this Agreement, (hereinafter referred to as "Artist") agree to the terms and conditions as set forth below.

a. To be the promoter, distributor and sales agent of the songs or instrumental tracks owned, by the Artist. The Artist certifies that the music for release is not currently owned by or registered to a label previously established by Artist. The Artist appoints Label as the designated publisher of the songs attached for the term of one or two years as chosen by the Artist at sign up.


b. The Label has sole discretion in designing and publishing CD art or single song artwork for release. The Artist may suggest or contribute images, logos, or text and the Artist will be given the cover art to review prior to distribution.


100% of net receipts shall be paid to Artist after a download store takes it's cut and Label's distributor, TuneCore, Inc., collects 10% for distribution of Artist's tracks. The Artist will be provided with a complete accounting of sales of Artist's songs from each store and by which song title. Payments to Artist are made 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter.


In the event that Label has, reason to suspect that any Song submitted by Artist is presented with a claim of infringement of copyright, trademark, right or publicity or other intellectual property right, or failure to comply with any third party license requirement or any other claim which, if true, would constitute your breach of, or non-compliance with, any of your representations, warranties and agreements hereunder, the Artist agrees that Label may discontinue the payments of any royalties until satisfactory resolution of the matter is obtained.


The Artist fails to make the monthly payment to Label by the designated day, royalties payable to artist will be forfeited to the Label. Artist may cancel this agreement at anytime and royalties will be similarly forfeited to the Label.

Digitally Signed by Rob Wallace,
Producer, Wallace Music & Sound, Inc.
A Colorado Corporation
D.B.A. LazyCats Records


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