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Spin Off Jazz genre music by Rob Wallace from LazyCats RFecords

Spin Off
Music by Rob Wallace
Featuring Dennis Woodrich on Bass
Michelle Woodrich Piano
Paul Kelly - drums

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About Spin Off - The track was originally going to be on the CD project Phrygian Waters that was going to include a variety of original songs including Jazz, Bossa Novas, and the title Track Phrygian Waters which was improvised in the Phrygian mode. The song was derived from a bass line by Chris Krabacher.

The project was shelved because a CD project with that many styles had little market potential. Many of the tunes have been released as singles including Spin Off, Speed Dial, My Hidden Cove and soon Phrygian Waters.

Phyrgian Waters by Rob Wallace from LazyCats Records

Spin off is named for the way the motif of the song sounds like the words Spin Off. The track also has the feel of a 60's - 70's TV show theme.

Dennis Woodrich Bass on Spin Off, Original music by Rob Wallace

Dennis Woodrich, on bass is a particularly amazing player. A graduate of USC and a respected instrumentalist in the Rocky Mountain West, It was a stroke of luck that he and his wife were available to bring this original tune by Rob Wallace to life.

Short Bio Rob Wallace - born in Denver Colorado February 8, 1949, grew up influenced by vintage Jazz artists like Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson to modern day masters like Diana Krall.

At the same time, Antonio Carlos Jobim came on the scene with many new songs in the never-before-heard Bossa Nova style of the 1960's. Drummers in Denver were baffled by the beat. It took some effort to grasp the 3/2 sensibility of this music. The Bossa Nova was derived from Latin genres including the Montuno style.

Tall and Tan & Young and Lovel is in the front of the photo, I'm in the back with the orange swim suit.
Ipanema Beach
Ipanema Beach

Rob studied music at the University of Denver Lamont School of Music for a short time, about 7 months. Then Metro State College for 1 year. No need to overdo the education piece.

Then it was on to LA to struggle for 7 years, he was sick of the music business, so on to Chicago struggling there for 7 years being a suit. Next, 2 rehabs and finally back in the music business in Phoenix where lots of music and sound effects were created over a span of 10 years for 135+ games. By the way, since age 14 Rob was actively involved in engineering audio, even in Chicago.

In 2004, LazyCats Records was founded then in 2012, Bright Star Records. was founded

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