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Zoltan Peter - Zolee

There's No Stress in the House
by Zolee
Zoltán Peter
Genre: Funky House/Dance

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This is Zolee's second release for LazyCats Records.

It is driven by his killer bass and percussion talent and offers many layers of beats. Zolee's sense of texture and mixing is up front and on. Congas, a hypnotic vocal track and solid Rhodes tracks make up this addictive funky dance music.

There's no Stress in the House will be available on iTunes, Amazon and all download stores June 1st

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Zolee, Peter Zoltán, lives in Leverkusen Germany and is a gifted bass player and keyboardist. His astounding performances are only eclipsed by the textures, rhythms, and ability to blend it all into original masterful musical mixes. His music is addictive, never the same and always full of interesting twists and turns.

As an example, his first single for LazyCats Records, "There's no Stress in the House," Zolee has written and recorded a mix of deep funk and dance genre music that puts together his "Barry White-like vocal on top of a Fender Rhodes rhythm track which flows on and off throughout the tune creating a steady foundation. Out of nowhere a black chick singer adds a lick, 1970's Moog like waveforms can be heard and very hypnotic Congas set the mood in the first 16 bars of the tune.

The thing that sets Zolee apart from the rest is that he is able to create a hard driving beat that makes you want to dance but with the flow of a big river that steadily and comfortably moves you along.

Zolee is very prolific and creates high quality tracks every month. Considering that he is the son of Jozsef broom Peter who imparted the gift of improvisation, it follows that Zolee was made to achieve greatness in music.

As a performer, Zolee is first rate. As an engineer and creator of recorded music, Zolee has it all covered. He prefers Cubase 6.0 as his digital audio workstation, a Mac to run the software, numerous samplers including Kurzweil, emu, Akai and too many plugins to mention. His initial influences were jazz and classical music.

Making good music and lots of it is his passion. Zolee is devoted to writing and recording the best music and also sharing with his peers encouragement to help them along the way.

Zolee is a dynamic and compassionate star in the sky. LazyCats is proud to have him as an artist.

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